Hello! I am Hanna Rautio

a multipotentialite in Cultural Management - at your service!

About Me


About Me

Im 28-year old Cultural Producer (BSC) from Jyväskylä, Central Finland. I have also my CBQ's in Business and Commerce and starting my CBQ's in Wood Technology and Mechanical Forest Industry on Fall 2016. I could make a real long list of all the other things I am and what I do, but simply put - Im a multipotentialite in Cultural Management and Customer Service.

I mostly do Event & Project Management and Event Planning but I occasionally help out Start-ups, entrepreneurs and small Associations to set up WordPress sites and spar them with Social Media and Community Building. I'm a people-person and I believe in the "strength of many" - strong and happy community is your strongest asset in life and in business.

I'm best known from dedication and enthusiasm to my work and that I always go for the maximum customer experience. My mission is to combine all my knowledge in my productions and projects. I wish to see my clients and customers happy and deliver a little something extra to top what they asked and paid for.

Im also known for always carrying handcrafts with me. Handcrafts are my way of relaxing and "nulling" my brain, if they get too tangled.

Learn more about my skills and works below. If you like what you see, get in touch and let's work together.

My Strengths

Contextual thinking

As a person with many trades I'm able to see the broader implications of a problem, and therefore (usually) make smarter, more informed decisions. The ability to shift between modes of thought allows me to translate between groups, help them understand each other, and work with big and diverse teams.

Rapid Learner

I'm so accustomed to diving into new projects, teams and acquiring knowledge, that I've become quite skilled at the process of learning. The idea of "fail fast" is no stranger to me and I'm used to being a beginner, building my knowledge-base again and again on top of my already existing one. I'm not afraid to make mistakes but I do learn from them.

Idea Synthesis

Again, as a person with many trades I like to listen and combine ideas of others and create something entirely new at the intersection. I would define innovation as: taking knowledge in one area and applying it to solve a problem in an entirely unrelated field. The intersections are where new ideas are born. New ideas don’t come from text books.

Community Builder

As a Producer I get often thrown into projects where multiple skillsets are needed. I have a good eye to spot the strengths and skills in people and combining them to make a team great. The same goes with your outer community, the customers. As long as your customers are happy and they get to contribute to your cause, you are stronger together.

Management Skills

  • Event Planning 90%

  • Event & Project Management 90%

  • Teamwork 90%

  • Leadership 85%

  • Communications & Marketing 85%

  • Sponsors and Funding 75%

  • Community Management 85%

Technical Skills

  • Microsoft Office 90%

  • Adobe Software 85%

  • WordPress 75%

  • HTML/CSS 75%

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